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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The 2012 presidential campaign officially kicks off off on January 25th with the State of The Union speech by the Chameleon in Chief. With reptilian smoothness, he will ooze back into campaign mode after two years of hard nosed, left wing accomplishments that left the body politic reeling in wonder at its boldness and blatant agenda. Once again we will be treated to high flown rhetoric, full of hope and change and appeals for non partisan governance. Like the Chameleon, Obama can change political colors at will, and will do so because he desperately needs to win a second term.

The stunning rebuke of his agenda in the November elections, in his view, was only a minor setback to the long term goals held by he and his cronies Pelosi and Reid. But he knows he has to recast his image in order to survive the next election, thus the Obama of the campaign trail will be in evidence from this point forward. Smooth platitudes will roll off his lips with practiced ease--the old Obama returns like an old soldier to the scene of his victories. What swept him into the White House was his promise to govern like a moderate. When he actually governed like the far left liberal that he is, the people rose up and delivered a shellacking.   Now he will go back to pretending he is a moderate after all, and given the gullibility of the American voter, he may just pull it off.

And if he does--watch out. He will be a lame duck President from the day he is sworn in  for his second term, and the real Obama will re-emerge with a vengeance. Currently, our economic system is in shambles, our national debt is growing with horrible certainty on the road to disaster, and our leadership in the world is being challenged from all sides. All that in just two years of liberal governance. Just imagine what the Chameleon will be able to do with six more years.

We were fooled once--shame on him. If we are fooled twice--shame on us.



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Bob Mack said...

The White House Insider, as reported on Newsflavor said this about the Exalted One's campaign rally in Tucson:

And regarding Obama’s attitude on this tragedy. Here is something that you will never hear from the media but that some witnessed shortly after the memorial service had finished. Behind the staging area, Obama gave Michelle a “high five” and shared a laugh with her. So within minutes of seeing what is Obama’s finest moment as president it is followed by one of his worst. It is this easy and always there contradiction in the president that concerns me very very much. He was just thrilled at his performance. That was priority #1 for him. It always is. The motivation for his speech was not to heal following the tragedy, but to further appeal to the public and get their approval of him. It’s similar to that story I told you about Obama coming into the military meeting at the WH. He came in laughing and left early laughing. Maybe a photo of the high five will be released? I was told one was taken at any rate. I cannot reconcile with that kind of behavior in a leader. There really is something missing in him. Some basic element of humanity. Or humility??? Even by DC political standards the human element in Obama seems to be utterly absent.

JP said...

Well, I guess I rest my case. The guy is an actor, and will play any part. Right now he is playing "President." Also, heard on the blogosphere, seems like Hawaii has lost the original birth certificate. Doesn't surprise me--that was probably shredded years ago.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a textbook example of the sociopathic personality.
In fairness, the profile could describe many of the leading lights of our government and of the corporate world.