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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Math

I'm going to keep this very, very, short and simple.

The United States is 14 TRILLION dollars in debt.

Is there anyone out there that believes we can ever REPAY that debt?

No, we are either going to default or inflate our way out.

Bye bye dollar, hello super inflation and the mother of all depressions.

Read the previous blog and get ready.


Monday, March 28, 2011

The End Game

Been on the road for the past several weeks. Thus, for the twenty or so people who actually read this blog, my apologies. Been taking the pulse of ordinary folks in this great nation. There is a great unease, and rightly so. I'm not going to belabor the point--but the stuff is already hitting the fan and you twenty faithful readers better pay attention.

The Middle East is on fire. Won't be long until Israel will be involved. That spells one thing--in the final spasm they will use their nukes.

Oil supplies will be disrupted. Five dollar a gallon gasoline will look good in five months.

Food prices have already jumped 20%. Can you think of a reason why?

The U.S. is printing money so fast that the dollar will soon fail. Right on the heels of the Euro.

The super rich and those in the know have been frantically selling their equities and buying gold and silver since October. Can you think of a reason why?

So for my 20 readers here is a bit of advice, take it or leave it.

Get yourself 6 months worth of food and water.
Get yourself some hard currency.
Get yourself prepared to defend your meager stash of food.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Extra-Terrestial Life Discovered!

On a balmy Spring day high on a Wasatch mountain trail, I paused for a moment to catch my breath as I saw a beautiful alpine meadow come into view. It looked like a good place to stop and have lunch so a few minutes later I found myself settled nicely in the velvety green grass of the meadow, looking back down the deep valley with nearly a bird’s eye view. A lone hawk etched lazy circles overhead, riding the uprising currents of air with practiced ease. As I looked around, taking in the beauty of my surroundings, I became aware of the very essence of this wonderful planet--it was absolutely chock-full of life, everywhere you looked. The light breeze brought the aromatic scent of the grasses and the nearby fir and pine. New green on old, bursting with renewed life. In the meadow grasses, small insects scurried about on foraging safaries deep in their miniature forests.  Tiny mammals scurried here and there, with a watchful eye to the circling hawk. Birds began to flit through the nearby Elderberry bushes, chirping like little old ladies at a knitting party. The singular impression of this wonderful place is simple--this is a living planet.

It would take a scientist arriving at my mountain meadow from another galaxy about two seconds to make that determination. Meanwhile, our scientists struggle to detect even the smallest evidence of life elsewhere in order to answer the age-old question--is there life elsewhere in this vast universe, or are we alone in the vastness?

I believe the answer is right here. Right up in that mountain meadow. Because as I look around and see a world teeming with life, Mr Spock logic tells me that there are countless other worlds also teeming with life. The discovery of extra-solar planets in the past 20 years shows us that other solar systems are a normal part of the universe. Another bit of recent information is the discovery of complex molecules permeating the vast dust clouds of space.  The spiral shapes of countless galaxies, left and right handed, show us that our own galaxy is not unusual. But most importantly, there are the numbers. Lets assume that we are the only planet with life in our own galaxy, which has about a billion stars. Further assume that there is only one planet per galaxy that supports life.That still leaves a billion places where life can exist. Do the math.

Finally, and this is the most exciting news of all, life has been discovered that is not of Earth origin. In a paper published on 4 March 2011 in the scientific journal Cosmology Dr Richard B. Hoover, of NASA, proves the existence of extra terrestrial life beyond shadow of a doubt. To read the paper go to Journal of Cosmology

This is an exciting age to be alive. I hope I hang around long enough to witness the final answer to the great question of our existence. That we in fact, are not alone.


After a thorough reading of the entire paper, which is a pretty tough slog, I add the following synopsis:

Dr Hoover’s Concluding Paragraphs. ( Words in italics) added my me.

“Therefore, the well-preserved mineralized trichomic filaments (Filaments found in Blue Green Algae)  with carbonaceous sheaths found embedded in freshly fractured interior surfaces of the Alais, Ivuna, and Orgueil CI1 carbonaceous meteorites are interpreted as the fossilized remains of prokaryotic (Organisms that lack a cell nucleus, usually single cell, and the most abundant group of organisms on Earth)  microorganisms that grew in liquid regimes on the parent body of the meteorites before they entered the Earth’s atmosphere....

Extensive EDS studies of living and dead cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae) and other biological materials have shown that nitrogen is detectable at levels between 2% and 18% (atomic) in cyanobacterial filaments from Vostok Ice (82 Kya) and found in stomach milk the mammoth Lyuba (40 Kya); mammoth hair/ tissue (40-32 Kya); pre-dynastic Egyptian and Peruvian mummies (5-2 Kya) and herbarium filamentous diatom sheaths (1815). However, Nitrogen is not detected in ancient biological materials such as fossil insects in Miocene Amber (8 Mya); Cambrian Trilobites from the Wheeler Shale (505 Mya) or cyanobacterial filaments from Karelia (2.7 Gya). Consequently the absence of nitrogen in the cyanobacterial filaments detected in the CI1 carbonaceous meteorites indicates that the filaments represent the remains of extraterrestrial life forms that grew on the parent bodies of the meteorites when liquid water was present, long before the meteorites entered the Earth’s atmosphere. This finding has direct implications to the distribution of life in the Cosmos and the possibility of microbial life in liquid water regimes of cometary nuclei as they travel within the orbit of Mars and in icy moons with liquid water oceans such as Europa and Enceladus.”

In summary, he claims he has found proof of blue-green algae existing in the remains of several meteorites, and the algae is not of this Earth. In other words, micro biological life has been present elsewhere in our Solar System and is likely to be present today in various locations in comets and the moons of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad News For The EPA And Other Carbonphiles

The following piece was not written by me, although I wish I had. Came through on my email today, thanks to an old flying buddy, Tony Orlando, a man with limitless love for his country and a true patriot. I would like to provide attribution, so if any of you know who the author is, please let me know. The guy (or gal) has it spot on.

 Article begins...

All of you out there across the globe who have fought so hard to tackle the hideous enemy of our planet, namely carbon emissions, you know .......that bogus god you worship of "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" ......well, I feel it is necessary to inform you of some bad news. It really does pain me to have to bring you this disappointing information.

        Are you sitting down?

        Okay, here's the bombshell. The current volcanic eruption going on in Indonesia (Gunung Merapi) since its first spewing of volcanic ash has, in just 1 week, NEGATED EVERY SINGLE EFFORT you have made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you.

        The volcano in Iceland recently took just 4 days to achieve similar results.

        Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it's that vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesise into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.

        I know, I know.... (group hug)'s very disheartening to realise that all of the carbon emission savings you have accomplished while suffering the inconvenience and expense of: driving Prius hybrids, buying fabric grocery bags, sitting up till midnight to finish your kid's "The Green Revolution" science project, throwing out all of your non-green cleaning supplies, using only two squares of toilet paper, putting a brick in your toilet tank reservoir, selling your SUV and speedboat, vacationing at home instead of Bali, nearly getting hit every day on your bicycle, replacing all of your $1 light bulbs with $10 light bulbs ...well, all of those things you have done have all gone down the tubes in just a few days.

        The volcanic ash emitted into the Earth's atmosphere in just four days - yes - FOUR DAYS ONLY by that volcano in Iceland, totally erased every single effort you have made to reduce the evil beast, carbon. And there are around 200 active volcanoes on the planet spewing out this crud at any one time - EVERY DAY.

        Oh, I don't really want to rain on your parade too much, but I should mention that when the volcano Mt Pinatubo erupted in the Philippinesin 1991, it spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire 40 MILLION YEARS on earth. Yes folks, Mt Pinatubo was active for over one year - think about it.

        Of course I shouldn't spoil this touchy-feely tree-hugging moment and mention the effect of solar and cosmic activity and the well-recognised 800-year global heating and cooling cycle, which keeps happening, despite our completely insignificant efforts to affect climate change.

        I'm so sorry. And I do wish I had a silver lining to this volcanic ash cloud but the fact of the matter is that the bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.

        Just remember that your government just tried to impose a whopping carbon tax on you on the basis of the bogus "human-caused" climate change scenario.

        Hey, isn't it interesting how they don't mention "Global Warming" any more, but just "Climate Change" - you know why? It's because the planet has COOLED by 0.7 degrees in the past century and these global warming bullshit artists got caught with their pants down.

        And just keep in mind that now that you will have an Emissions Trading Scheme - that whopping new tax - imposed on you, that will achieve absolutely nothing except make you poorer. It won't stop any volcanoes from erupting, that's for sure!

Author unknown. End of article.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Insanity Defined. Our "Energy Policy" and Politics

Take a look at how our politicians have been misleading us on the Alaskan Wildlife Reserve oil fields since the Clinton days. Did you believe the propaganda? How do you like paying over $4.00 a gallon for gasoline? Our government, particularly the liberal swine, have led us to this point. See the presentation here just below the rant. It will water your eyes.