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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simple Math

I'm going to keep this very, very, short and simple.

The United States is 14 TRILLION dollars in debt.

Is there anyone out there that believes we can ever REPAY that debt?

No, we are either going to default or inflate our way out.

Bye bye dollar, hello super inflation and the mother of all depressions.

Read the previous blog and get ready.



Bob Mack said...

Howdy JP. Glad to see you back. I know one thing--if the radicals infesting the Executive Branch aren't soon sent far, far from power, we're not gonna have much of a country left.

JP said...

The present administration is accelerating the crisis of debt. Whereas previous administrations condoned the piling on of debt because they were convinced it led to prosperity, the current one appears to be purposefully trying to send our country into economic collapse in order to "start all over" with their twisted view of our place in the New World Order. They are very dangerous people and in my opinion, are on the verge of winning.