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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why I Don't Support U.S. Bailouts

The real title is "Why I Don't Support Europe's Bailouts" by Timo Soini, chairman of Finland's True Finn party. All you have to do is replace U.S. at every reference to the E.U., and it makes complete sense to our own situation. Please go to here to read this short, excellent article.

The title of this blog could also have been, "Gold and Silver Plummet--Doomsayers Exposed."  Oh, I forgot, that was last week. There were major articles in the financial pages deriding the gold and silver buyers as nut jobs getting a deserved shellacking for daring to not trust the dollar. Then a funny thing happened on Monday--gold and silver started to regain strength as buyers came back into the market. Last week's sharp decline seems to have been a combination of: 1. Institutional manipulation (massive naked shorting) and 2. Warren Buffet saw what was coming and dumped his large holdings in silver in order to take profits.

But you just can't make the problem of the weakness of our fiscal policies go away, no matter how much money you print. Soini's article says it way better than I ever could imagine. Please read it, and you will have a better understanding of why gold and silver are charging back.


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