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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Obama Administration Begins to Unravel

Obama Care begins to unravel and that is a good thing. More importantly, the entire Obama Administration is beginning to unravel. It is what happens when your govern from an ideological basis and not from the moderate center where the majority of the American public resides.  It took nearly two years for the American public to wake up to the fact that its central government had been taken over by far left ideologues .  They then sent a resounding vote of no confidence, resulting in an election landslide that tilted the country back to the center. It is now clear that the Obama Administration is not only driven by a far left ideology; it is also just plain inept. Its very ineptness is the result of policy driven by ideology. Here are some examples.

The utter failure of nearly a trillion dollar “stimulus” plan that was a thinly disguised hodge-podge of left wing idealism and programs. As the economy stubbornly refuses to recover in the manner promised, more and more citizens have come to recognize the “stimulus” for what it was--a very expensive omnibus bill of left wing programs that benefited a favored few at the expense of the rest of hard working America.

A Justice Department that is so ideologically driven that it appears to be prosecuting American values rather than ensuring American values are upheld. The list is long, but their opposition to Arizona’s immigration law; the non-prosecution of the thugs at the voting location; the attempt to try the mastermind of the 9/11 attack in NYC; and finally their futile efforts to support Obama-care has cast huge doubts as to the fairness of that Department. I call it the Department of Injustice. It appears its only function is to prop up an ideology rather than serve up true justice.

A completely inept Director of Homeland Security, who manages to imitate the totally inept Governor of Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina every time she speaks.  Her assertions concerning the threat posed by returning veterans and the safety of our southern border with Mexico not only ring false, they also reveal her ideological bias. In her typically liberal view, it is the extremist element (read conservative Americans who cling to their guns and beliefs) that pose the real danger to the security of the United States. By the way, she also oversees, and approves of, the TSA’s big brother search of the core of our personal privacy.

An ideologically driven head of the EPA who is hell bent on regulating the last of our industrial base out of existence with her un-Constitutional findings on Carbon Oxide Twice. Need I mention the Delta Smelt?

An Energy Department whose only goal seems to be prevent us from ever becoming energy independent by shutting down or restricting nuclear power construction, offshore drilling for oil, or on-shore exploitation of known energy resources. Again, ideologically driven.

Finally, the man himself.  Swept into power by his ringing call for hope and change and his promise to transform this country into something great. What we actually bought was just another left wing liberal with tired out liberal ideas and surrounded by sycophants of the same ilk. Then, as David Axelrod so recently pointed out, Obama became Prime Minister rather than President, and let the wild eyed Nancy Pelosi and that reptilian Harry Reid set and cram down their agenda on the American public. With those two actually setting the agenda, it is no wonder that Obama Care is coming apart at the seams.

From these examples and others too numerous to mention  came the Tea Party movement, a truly grass roots revolution arising from the realization that this inept Administration was hell bent on bankrupting this country, both economically and morally.  It has started a true revolution that is now beginning to undo some of the more horrific excesses and  mistakes of  the past two years. It is my fondest hope that the revolution will continue into 2012, when we can truly rid ourselves of left wing ideologues and begin rebuilding this great country with common sense governance.  



Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder what slogan Obama plans to use for his re-election campaign. I don't think Hope and Change will work the second time.

JP said...

How about "Consistently sets low standards and fails to meet them"?

Bob Mack said...

"Home On Derange?"

JP, great description of the "wild-eyed Nancy Pelosi" and "reptilian Harry Reid". You could have left out their names, & I'd still have known who you meant.

Solissea said...

Excellent post and great insights. I couldn't agree more! It's amazing to me how many people are still deceived in believing that Mr. Obama is a good President!

JP said...

He is turning out to be not only inept, but so blinded by his ideological background that he thinks he is doing a great job.

pumabydesign001 said...

Obama's 2012 slogan should be "ABSENT, DECEITFUL AND UNRELIABLE?"

To date, the only thing that Barack Obama has succeeded in is failure and betrayal of the nation and the Office of President.

I hate that he told Bill O'Reilly, "The longer I'm in this job, the more I like it."

JP said...

Please let us pray that his enjoyment will be short. The only way back is to win House, Senate, and President and maybe we can get the country back on track.