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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama Nominated For Academy Award

The Academy Awards is just around the corner. May I suggest another category to add to the thousands they already have. For lack of a more educated, high brow title, I would like my category to be called, “The Weak Dick Award” The sole nominee, who has already garnered the Nobel Peace Prize, is none other than Barrack  Obama, the man who is currently masquerading as the President the the United States.  For God’s sake people, we are dealing with a madman who murdered hundreds of Americans and now is murdering his own people with abandon. Would not you think that our President could at least summon the courage to actually name that worthless bastard who has terrorized his country for over 40 years? No, not Mr Cool. He is sending Hillary to Geneva to express our “Grave Outrage”, while the people of Libya are slaughtered by this psychopath. What a joke. As an Italian general officer once told me when referring to the political leadership of his country,  “Parole, parole, parole.”  Words, words, words. Obama has mastered the art of words but lacks a shred of credibility when it comes to backing up his words with meaningful action. As an American, I want to crawl off someplace and hide in shame at the gutless response of our so-called leader. I am sure the dainty liberals of the Academy will see fit to honor Obama with this new award.


Bob Mack said...

J.P., when this guy was elected, I expected the worst. But I got so much more.

JP said...

From your comments Bob, I feel reasonably sure that you won't be voting to re-elect ole' blue lips. That, for sure, makes two of us. Its a start.

Bob Mack said...

There used to be a Southern rock group called "Wet Willie" (foreshadowing the reign of Mr. Clinton). Maybe your award could be the "Weak Willie", fashioned after the Oscar, but of an appropriately droopy material, such as Obama's spine. From what I read in the WND, Gaddafi & Rev. Wright are as tight as ticks, and Gaddafi's taken to calling Obama his "friend". It amazes me more every day that 68 million Americans were foolish enough to vote for this guy.

Anonymous said...

"Would not you think that our President could at least summon the courage to actually name that worthless bastard who has terrorized his country for over 40 years?"

From traitors you expect honesty and decency!?!?
They won't even name the murdering Islamists who are committing carnage all over the world in the name of their pagan Moon Goddess.

The Plan proceeds apace: Bring America to her knees and bring in the global, Fascistic tyranny.
Bye bye Miss American Pie....

JP said...

Ah, I detect my favorite cranky East Coast friend chiming in. I still have your blog on tap if you will ever send me a picture.