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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Writing is on the Wall

I often ask myself, is the fact that I believe a huge financial meltdown coming applies a filter to the news, in that I selectively cherry pick the news that supports my belief? There has to be a certain amount of that, but the recent news, from here and there, are clearly pointing to my worst fears. Forget opinion pieces, where there is always a certain amount of spin applied, based on the motives or ideological position of the writer. Just examine the facts. 1. Inflation is here, although the governments oddly skewed data says not so. But it is here. Anybody who buys groceries and gasoline is far ahead of the government wonks--inflation is here and it is increasing. 2. The dollar is losing value. The Fed just printed another one trillion so they could buy our own debt. Any idiot knows that you can't increase the supply of dollars without eventually paying the price in devaluation. 3. The price of gold and silver is soaring. The rich, and now the not so rich, are fleeing the dollar in droves as they seek the safety of real money, not the paper that is about to become next to worthless. 4. Washington is already in election mode, and the chance of the politicians actually doing something about the looming economic disaster has fallen from slim to none.

The day of reckoning is closer than you think.

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