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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are Our Leaders Really Idiots?

I received this guest blog from a crusty old friend. He does have a way with words and ideas. He takes exception to John Thune’s assertion that Obama and his cronies are clueless as to what troubles the average Flyover Country American.

From an article by John Thune, “A Tangible Step To Economic Recovery”

 "President Obama does not seem to realize what is plain as day to millions of Americans, which is that our economic recovery and lack of job creation are linked to wasteful Washington spending and record debt."

 Obama doesn't realize...???!!!!   He's not as smart as we are???!!!

Thune, the author of the article, appears to have his cranium fully lodged in his fundamental orifice. Either that or he's afraid of being labeled as an "extremist" or..EGAD!...a Conspiracy nut.
After decades of an uninterrupted series of ruinous government actions consistently leading our country inexorably toward the dictatorship of Fascism, anyone believing that the responsible individual actors have been uniformly stupid, ill informed, poorly advised or otherwise deficient in the mental qualifications necessary to serve in public office, is not thinking rationally.

Highly educated, politically clever and superbly manipulative politicians are not as intelligent or as well informed as the average American high school graduate? PUHLEEZE!!!
Whoever came up with such a preposterous premise had to be relying on the native vanity of the unwashed masses. Sadly, he (Thune)  was demonstrably correct in his assessment to the point where even knowledgeable insiders must be amazed that we'd be that irrational and gullible. Not only did we accept the premise but, now, they don't even have to initiate mentioning it. We've so internalized the manifestly inane notion that we do it on our own without prompting. Only vanity could allow the average Joe Sixpack to buy into that Big Lie with such stunning arrogance.   Alas!  So much for critical thinking.

 As for me, I don't like the color gray in any shade, however nuanced and subtle it may be. Ashes are gray as is the sky just before a storm or the dark of night.  Smoke and fog are gray.  Gray pallor is a sign of illness or great emotional distress.  I prefer white and black. That quirk allows me to wield Occam's razor and attribute evil outcomes to the evil intentions of evil people. Sweet talk is for social occasions.  Politics requires clear thinking and plain talk.  I, therefore, risk being censured by folks more delicately sensitive than I by asserting that the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, gang are highly intelligent, well educated and extremely well informed and organized traitors to America, carrying on the agenda of their Gramscian predecessors through the decades in a thus far successful effort to bring America to its knees economically and culturally so that it will obediently accept its assigned position in the NWO.

As for the non-ideologues who aren't dedicated to the cause of treason but simply go along with the master plotters in pursuit of money and prestige, well, their morality quotient is beneath that of street whores. Even the most degenerate crack whores don't solicit in the name of true, everlasting love.  Their clients know up front what they're paying for.


 "Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."
 Heny L. Mencken

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