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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sixteen Tons of Number Nine Coal

"Another day older and deeper in debt"

I woke up this morning to find I was another $3000 in debt. No, I did not go out and charge a flat screen mega pixel voice of the theater super sized TV yesterday. I just woke up, and turned on the news and found out that our government had managed to run up another (ho hum) trillion plus in deficit spending. I did a little checking, and found that my share of the total U.S. national debt is $176,126 and rising fast.

Message to the IRS: I’m not gonna pay it back. I’m too old and don’t make enough to ever pay it back. Let my newly born grand daughter, Molly Bell Morgan pay it back. How would you like to have been born a month ago and already be $176,126 in the hole?

No, its not all Obama’s fault, although he sure is not helping things with his warped policies that are driving this country deeper and deeper in the hole. It took a real effort by countless gutless, special interest, crooked, ambitious, self-serving SOBs in leadership positions in our government, mostly in the House of Representatives, who have led us into this mess.

So the Repubs are going to take over Congress this November? Ho Hum again. As I recall, they did not do so well the last time they were running things.

Throw them all out. Start over.


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