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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Elections Matter. We Won, You Lost.

After whistling in the dark for about a month after the huge defeat handed to him in November, it appears Obama has finally started to face  reality. To use one of his own favorite retorts, we won, he lost. Elections matter. The people of this country once again have a semblance of a messy, rough and tumble democracy after living through nearly two years of the dictatorship of the left. There is now a rough balance between competing ideologies where give and take and compromise become the modus operandi of governance, unlike the Pelosi/Reid/Obama troika that effectively ruled by fiat. The pejorative word used by the snarling leftists is that Obama has “caved” on the extention of the Bush tax cuts. Obama has not caved. He is finally accepting the reality of a changed political landscape, and is smart enough to grab what he can before things really get nasty come January when the conservatives again regain the power of the purse strings and the Congressional hearing rooms.

Many pundits believe that Obama’s  political DNA will prevent him from moving toward the center, as did President Clinton in 1994.  Not so, as evidenced by his reluctant, but non-the-less real efforts to achieve a compromise with the hated Republicans. The old Obama never compromised. The just shellacked Obama is smart enough to realize that the days of running rough-shod over his political opponents have come to an end.

And that is a good thing. Good for him, in that he may still yet earn the mantle of the Presidency. Good for us, because the people of the United States can once again be governed under something resembling a democracy.

Now if he would just fire Nancy.....



JP said...

I guess I spoke too soon. After watching the far left come unhinged today, I am again reminded that there are people out there who feel class warfare trumps everything else. I have also be struck by the way the leftists seem to be ranting from the same talking paper. Currently the buzz words are "Republicans are holding hostage..." Before that, it was "Republicans are the party of no..." In between, it was Republicans are just obstructionists." I think the arch libidiot Schummer managed to use all three in a sentence lately.The leftists are like the beast in "Hotel California"--they just won't go away. Like a cornered snake, they are doubly dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The machers of the Progressive Left crave absolute power. They further that ambition by encouraging the politics of envy among their useless eater pawns. Soak the rich! That primal form of demagoguery works as well today as it always has.

Speaking of greed (the desire for excessive power) and envy, here's the list of the 7 deadly sins:

I'd say those pretty well describe what we're up against. There's nothing really new about the NWO.


JP said...

Far as I can tell, most Americans are not envious of the rich, they just want their chance to become one of them. My daughter started a business from scratch and is on the road to becoming "rich". Should I be envious of her success, or should I take pride in her gumption? The latter, of course. But, there are many out there who will say she is making way too much money and should spread it around a bit. Far as I am concerned there are only two classes of people in the U.S.--the working class and the taking class. Which one do you want to be?