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Thursday, December 30, 2010

George Soros, Man or Monster?

Ronald Reagan was known as the great “Communicator.” Arnold Schwarzenegger  is known, appropriately enough given the terminal condition of California, as the “Terminator.” Let me add one more to the list. George Soros, “The Manipulator.”

 George Soros has been cast as the Rasputin to the far left’s dream of empire. According to the likes of Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and countless other conservative media mouthpieces, he is the puppet master behind  the progressive movement. He is incarnate evil squared. Rather than take their word for it, I decided to investigate for myself. What I found surprised me. 

I started by reading his book, The Crash of 2008 and What it Means. The book is essentially a rehash of previous books where he advances his economic theory, with added chapters that discuss the economic crisis of 2008.  My surprise came in that after wading through several chapters of this book, I felt that his theory of economic markets may have some validity. Boiled down to its essentials, Soros maintains that current theories are in error in that they do not account for the fact that the very act of being engaged in the market shapes the market. In other words, the economic markets are not the result of pure supply and demand operating blindly to form a rational market. He maintains the market is irrational in nature because human involvement, hopes, and fears make it thus. He then analysis the impact of “bubbles” or boom and bust cycles, concluding that there was a super bubble formed between the 1970s and now that burst with the economic collapse of 2008.

What did not surprise me was the constant references by Soros that everything that has gone wrong was “Bush’s fault.” He seems obsessed by his belief that “The Bush Administration” was guilty of everything from the failure of domestic economic policy to the failure of democracy in Russia.  He specifically faults Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson for allowing Lehman Brothers to fail, thus triggering the total economic collapse of the world financial markets. It is in this analysis by Soros where we begin to see the true basis of his political activism.

Soros expounds at length that the role of the “Authorities”  (read Governments) during the bust phase of the boom and bust cycle is to intervene with economic policies that ameliorate the bust and eventually turn it around.  In his opinion, the world financial system is not up to the task, since the individual nations and blocs   act independently for the most part with varying degrees of success and failure. He does not explictly state that a more centralized system would be better, but it is clear in his analysis that he feels a coordinated response to world financial crisis would be better than the current fragmented responses. It is in this implied belief that we begin to get a clue as to Soros’ motives in sponsoring or supporting numerous foundations and organizations designed to adopt the Socialist dream of a New World Order.

George Soros is a financial genius. He has become wealthy beyond imagination by understanding how markets function and perhaps even applying his economic theory to his advantage. However, as he admits in this book, he has also taken some real losses when the market has not behaved the way he thought it should. He blames those losses on improper responses or actions by  governments that do not understand the true nature of the market and/or fail to take coordinated actions.  There is an old political truism that posits the way to understand the behavior of an individual or group is to “follow the money.” A Las Vegas casino provides a good analogy for George Soros.

Imagine a casino as a financial market. Most people playing the casino are not winners, but a few, like George Soros, have managed to beat the odds and become hugely successful. The only problem that arises is that like Las Vegas, there are many casinos (financial systems)  to choose from, and each of them has a slightly different set of rules, which in turn have to be mastered by a man like Soros. It would be much, much better for player Soros to just have one casino to deal with while playing his financial games. From Soros’ viewpoint, integration of the world financial markets under one roof would lead to better responses to financial crises and thus better outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, integration would lead to less uncertainty and thus more opportunity for one who understands the rules like Soros.

In order to arrive at this situation, Soros is striving to establish a regime in the United States that will be willing to become part of a greater political system and a common economic policy. To this goal, he has founded and supported numerous organizations and groups dedicated to electing left wing politicians who are willing to advance this idea.  Although his first choice to carry this banner of liberal policies was Hillary Clinton, he seems pretty satisfied by the election of Obama. He has assembled a powerful group of Socialist leaning entities, and with his financial resources, will not cease to manipulate behind the scenes to achieve his goals.

George Soros is truly a dangerous man because he sincerely believes we must fundamentally change the form and function of our country. He also must be immensely pleased by the changes the Obama administration, with help from Pelosi and Reid, have engineered in the past two years. Watch for him to redouble his efforts as the conservatives rally and fight back.


For a closer look at the political side of George Soros, I recommend The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. 


Anonymous said...

Soros is a very powerful man because of the influence he can buy with his enormous wealth. Goes without saying. That he is also heavily committed to a Fascist NWO is incontrovertible.

There is another less well known mover and shaker on the far left. Read up on the background of Xavier Solana. He is a ubiquitous presence everywhere decisions are made about how the world should be run and, yet, he's managed to keep his face and name out of the limelight. Solana isn't, himself, a power broker per se. Rather he is the cat's paw of those who call the shots.


Bob Mack said...

Soros is also apparently the eminence grise behind the FCC "net neutrality" power grab (See

JP said...

It seems like Soros is behind most everything that advances his vision of a NWO. He knows the U.S. is the key player in the game so if he can help remake this great country into a socialist Eden he will have won the battle. So far, he is losing, but only because the American public finally woke up to the damage these people are doing to our country. In a way, we were lucky that we had two years of uncontrolled progressive agenda to awake the sleeping giant once again. But, they will never stop--we must always be vigilant.