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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Liberal Democrats Make a Huge Miscalculation

According to Karl Rove in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Obama is going to have a tough time getting his compromise through Congress because his own party finds it a too bitter pill to swallow. You have to admire the Democrats, they are the party of class warfare and they appear to be sticking to their guns. Never mind that it will amount to political suicide to allow the tax levels to rise on everyone come January first. Guess who then becomes “The party of no”? If the Republicans are smart, they should just sit back and feed out the rope as the Democrats go about hanging themselves. Then, come the 1st of January, they can don their white hats, saddle up old Paint, and come riding to the rescue.  And, this time around, they may be able to negotiate a better deal. Obama knows this, so he is going to have to spend a huge amount of political capital in strong-arming his own party to do the right thing and give him his compromise. The entire situation is a Win-Win deal for the Republicans. This time, it is the intransigence of the likes of Pelosi that have painted themselves into a corner.

So, a big hooray for the leftists. We Americans love class warfare and will show you just how much in the next election.


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