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Friday, November 5, 2010

Action vs Propaganda

Go to to see the two articles that prompted me to write a "letter to the editor" of the "Wall Street Journal."  Here is what I wrote:  (This letter was actually published by the WSJ)

November 5, 2010Wall Street Journal

Letters To The Editor

Dear Sir or Madam (With apologies to Senator Boxer)

I was struck by the contrast between Rep John Boehner’s article in Friday’s WSJ (What the Next Speaker Must Do)  and the article just below his (An Undeserved Win for the GOP). In the first, Boehner offers four specific actions for the next speaker to take that would restore some confidence in our Congress.  In the second, and shorter opinion piece, Ms Henvel manages to absolve the Democrats of any blame, call for redistribution of wealth, slander the Republicans as the party of empty slogans, raise taxes, get out of Afghanistan, empower the downtrodden minorities, and for Obama to redouble his efforts that led to the “shellacking” he took. She is truly a gifted writer, being able to pack all that progressive pap into one short piece. Boehner’s article offers solutions--Henvel’s offers the same old tired propaganda from the left.

James P. (JP) Morgan
Sandy, Utah


Wax Me Too-A Body Boutique said...

I really liked the article that Boehner wrote. It was a relief to hear that finally FINALLY someone who has some power-- prove that they are listening to the people! If he can do what he says, we may have a chance to get back on track.

JP said...

This blog made the Wall Street Journal "Letters to the Editor" on 8 Nov 2010.