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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Star is Born

I wrote the following blog a couple days ago, before the election. In his victory speech, Rubio reinforced my belief that he will play a huge role in the Latino voting bloc by asserting that the American Dream is still alive and well and with in reach of everyone. It was a positive message, and will resonate with those striving to achieve success in this great country.

In Monday’s Wall Street Journal, Matthew Kaminski published an article titled “Who’s Afraid of Marco Rubio.” Excellent article about the up and coming new Senator from Florida. The thrust of Kaminski’s opinion was that Rubio has the Democrats frightened since they sense a rising star in the Republican party, thus the ham-handed attempt by Bubba to stop Rubio by encouraging the Democratic candidate to drop out, thus throwing votes to Turncoat Charlie Crist. Kaminski does a great job outlining why Rubio has emerged as such a charismatic politician, astounding the political class with his rapid rise from the barrio. However, Mr Kaminski sidesteps the most compelling argument as to why the Democrats fear Rubio.

Simply put, Rubio represents a Republican candidate who has vast appeal to the Latino population. As the fastest growing bloc of political voters, the Democrats felt they had locks on the Latino vote. Rubio’s compelling story, in addition to his upbeat attitude and communications skills, mark him as someone who will be closely watched by the Latino bloc.

That is why they are afraid of Marco Rubio.

It will be interesting to see how he performs in the Senate and on the national stage. I predict bigger and better things for this exciting politician.

Kaminski Article:    or, just click on the title.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on Alan West, also newly elected in FL.

A powerful speaker with tremendous physical presence, Col. West could steal the hearts of many disaffected black Obama supporters.