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Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Jersey Challenges TSA--A Big Attaboy!

Now we are getting somewhere. Would be nice if some other states jumped on the bandwagon. Saw some cracks in the administration position this AM. Hillary Clinton, on Face the Nation, opined that maybe we should find a way to reduce the numbers of people undergoing the invasive screening. In other words, Positive Profiling, like they already have with the Pilots.

Watch the New Jersey news conference  at :

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Anonymous said...

This supports my firmly held belief that all it takes to emasculate the totalitarian SOBs is for enough (not so) little people to just utter the magic, all-powerful, hex word...

"We dohn need no stinkin' lawyers."

JP said...

Dinner party tonight with a good friend. Brought up the subject. Noise level went through the roof! People are aware, and opinionated. One very good looking and built woman friend said she had never been groped like that since a back seat in high school. Said a woman did the deed, but noticed a couple TSA males enjoying the show. Time to put our foot down and be counted.