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Monday, November 1, 2010

What Comes Next?

The wait is nearly over. Tomorrow, the people of this great Republic will file to the polls, cast their votes, and hopefully restore some balance to our body politic. The pontificators and the pollsters have had their say, now it is our turn to voice the only opinion that really counts.

It is pretty obvious by now that the Republicans will regain the House, effectively firing Nancy Pelosi. That alone is a huge step in returning some sanity to the legislative process. Control of the Senate is a long shot, but even if the Republicans fall short, there is a good chance Harry Reid may take a long overdue retirement.

The important thing to remember is that change alone will not guarantee desired outcomes--look what our current President, elected with a mandate to “change”, has wrought. Hopefully, we are sending a new crop of legislators to Congress to accomplish two main goals. 1. Undo some of the extreme changes enacted by Pelosi and Reid and signed by Obama. 2. Govern intelligently and with the consent and support of the great American people.

This will only happen if we, the people hold our representatives and senators accountable for their actions. To paraphrase another conservative blogger found in these pages, “Be forever vigilant and remain true to our core beliefs.”


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