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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Powerful Stuff, If True

I came across this site and started reading the series supposedly obtained through interviews with a Democrat White House Insider. Amazing series, and since they were published before the election (for the most part), pretty spot on. The big story, of course, is that Hillary is getting ready to step in when Obama stumbles. See for yourself at  White House Insider



Anonymous said...

Howdy, JP.

I've been reading the "Insider" pieces for awhile, and though I normally view these types of stories with a jaundiced eye, "Insider" has the ring of authenticity about him. I had a post on him earlier, and said that, if true, things were farther gone in the 'Bama bunker than
even I suspected, and I always suspected the worst. On a brighter note, I hope you & yours had a great Thanksgiving.

Bob Mack

JP said...

I hope it just isn't wishful thinking to hope the guy (or gal)(or persons, plural) is the real thing. Seems like what was predicted came true. We'll see.