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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Dose of Reality

A recent article in the Washington Times of September 14th was written by the following authors:

R. James Woolsey was director of central intelligence under President Clinton. Andrew C. McCarthy was the assistant U.S.  attorney who prosecuted the perpetrators of the first attack on the World Trade Center. Lt. Gen. Harry E. "Ed" Soyster was director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1988 to 1991. Their full report is available online at 

These guys are not lightweights, nor are they alarmists--but they do illuminate the reality of the nature of our opponents. 

View article by clicking on the title above or the link below.                   

These concerned Americans make a compelling case. Wake up, America!



Anonymous said...

To use an analogy once used to differentiate between Communism and Socialism, the jihadists want to burn the house down. The Shariah gradualists want to take it apart quietly, one piece at a time. Either way, you're gonna lose your house.

BTW, the terms "moderate" and "radical" are meaningless among Muslims. According to the Koran, those we naively call radical are openly faithful to their vile theology while the "moderates" are heretics even more deserving of torture and death than non-Muslims.
Hence the fear of retribution among "moderates".

Another vapid term... "War on Terror". I guess in 1917 America went to war against barbed wire and machine guns. And in 1945 we went to war against ...erm... boats, airplanes and tanks?


JP said...

The most insidious enemies are those who bore from within. To use your house analogy, they are like termites--unseen but gnawing away at the foundations. Call Terminex,or the Terminator, quick!

Anonymous said...

Pursuant to my previous comment, here's an article by a former Muslim who agrees with me.