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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Nation of Islam

President Obama called for religious tolerance on 9/11, and everyone knows that he was specifically referring to Islam on the day we as a nation remembered that murderous attack. And of course, he is absolutely correct when he says our country was built upon tolerance toward all religions, and that we cannot lose sight of those values in these troubling times. The only problem is that Islam is much, much more than a religion. It is a all encompassing blueprint of governance. In Islam, there is no dividing line between the spiritual and the secular. There is no separation between Church and State. They are one and the same, with a complete justice system integrated within. It is as if the Bible, the State, and the Constitution were rolled together in one book, the Qur’an  So although we should be tolerant of Islam as a religion, does it follow we should be tolerant of an Islam that professes mankind will only achieve true peace when Sharia law has been imposed world wide? I think not.

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