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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Simple Pleasures for Simple Folks

Earlier this year, my two sons, my brother, and I found ourselves sitting around a campfire in the high country of Wyoming. (See Four Horsemen, above) The end of a perfect day of fishing. The riding and pack horses were set out to graze in the beautiful alpine meadow that surrounded our campsite. We got to talking politics, as we often do, slowly sipping some nice whiskey cut with ice cold mountain stream water. Our guide, a thirty-something young man whip thin and tough as shoe leather was enjoying our ramblings. Of course, we were bitching about the sorry state of politics. We got on the subject of California and the economic crisis facing that state, and how someday it may implode from its own left wing insanity.

I asked our guide a theoretical question, “What if everything goes to hell in California and the gangs and other low life bums from Los Angeles come looking for food here in Wyoming?”

After a moment’s contemplation he answered, “Well, I guess we would just shoot them.”

Man, do I ever love living in Flyover Country.



Anonymous said...

I can imagine moonbat Libs howling in horror at the answer your guide gave to your question and spluttering that that's why guns ...ALL guns ... should be banned. Imagine! Some Bible toting redneck killing some poor youths who were just looking for food! Why not rely on Conflict Resolution for heaven's sake?

In a more serious vein, folks living away from urban areas will fare much better in terms of self-defense should there occur a catastrophic societal breakdown. Already far more attuned to self-reliance for essentials and better able to secure food and other necessities absent the grid, they won't be killing one another in the streets over cases of coke and shopping carts full of Cheetos. If gangs and other ne'er do wells know what's good for them, they'll avoid putting themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and attempting to prey on us country bumpkins. If they're stupid enough to follow such a course of action, they'll soon learn the truth of the old adage about the wrath of quiet men.
another thing to consider is that the forces of law and order would be so overextended that there would be no thought given to legal repercussions in cases of home defense.
A terrible line of thinking, isn't it? I hope we're proven to have been worrying over nothing. But, remember, even though we never contemplated jumping out of our airplanes we did haul the 40 pound bags of silk rags around and we knew how to use them.

And, anyway, the American gene pool could use a little purging.

JP said...

Not like you to hold back like that. Out here in Flyover Country we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Self reliance is key. Everyone should practice living off the grid, just for a day or so, to learn just how difficult life could be during natural or man-made disasters.