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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life Is Pretty Simple

Life is pretty simple when reduced to the basics.  Survival demands only food, water, shelter, and safety of being. In order to ensure these basic needs, humans have organized their activities. These organizations range from the simple (Clan, Tribe) to the complex (Kingdoms, Confederations, States, Nations, Empires). Every organization has a common thread--the members of the organization select directly or indirectly a leader or group of leaders to run the organization for the supposed benefit of all. In doing so, the people subordinate their individual needs to the needs of the group as a whole. It is the shape of the organization that determines the degree of subordination.

When we had simple organizations like clans and tribes, the degree of subordination was quite small, since survival depended on mutual cooperation of a small number of people. However, as populations grew and more complex organizations were required, the degree of subordination grew apace. For example,  King and Serf; Emperor and Subject; Despot and Peon. Those organizations pretty much dominated mankind. Until a couple hundred years ago.

About that time, a group of men decided they would try an entirely new idea in organization. It was a very, very radical idea--that the organization would be subordinate to the people. They wrote up its charter and called it The Constitution. After a lot of wrangling, they cobbled a nation together under this unique organizational model. It has worked pretty well until just recently.

The organization that was developed to put this great Constitution into action is what we call Government. Somewhere along the way, the idea that the Government was subordinate to the people has been diminished. In the past couple years, thanks to a group of leaders who pay lip service to the Constitution but take numerous actions to increase the power of the organization over the people, the social contract is more and more in favor of the Government.

Come November, what organization are you going to vote for?


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