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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flyover Finances

What scares the crap out of the average Flyover American is the size of the debt Obama Wan Knobi and his gang in the House and Senate are piling on the taxpayers of our country. Everyone is unhappy with the economic situation, really unhappy, but most believe that like times in the past, we will grow our way out of this recession if we don’t spend ourselves into oblivion first. So from the kitchen table, here’s a layman’s view of how to solve the debt problem.

First of all, forget for now taking on the massive unfunded Ponzi schemes known as Social Security and Medicare. Those will eventually have to be dealt with, but not in the current economic recession. Save those for later when we have a Congress and Administration with enough bi-partisan courage to tackle those looming catastrophes. First things first.  As Secretary of State Clinton recently said in so many words, “We need to get a handle on this debt.”

So here is my naïve plan.

1. Introduce and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment with minimal loopholes. Real emergencies only, like war or national catastrophes.

2.Freeze ALL government spending at the current level. Increases to the budget can only be based upon projected income for the next budget year. Freeze government hiring--the bureaucrats are making good money, let them earn it by working harder with less.

3. Institute a National 2% sales tax, with revenues ONLY to be used to retire the current national debt. Once the debt is paid off, the National sales tax automatically expires.

4. Immediately apply all unused TARP monies as a show of political determination to actually do something about reducing debt.

I honestly believe that if our leaders would take the tough actions necessary to stop this runaway train, the American people would get behind them and pull this country out of this recession.

And, while I am dreaming, Congress should pass, and the President should sign, a law that limits all Congressional bills to 200 pages or less.


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