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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gold Spikes Thanks To Obama, Pelosi, and Reed

The price of gold shot up this morning to over $1305. Gold has been steadily moving upward for the past year, and is now accelerating. There can be only one reason for this rise: investors are scrambling to find a safe haven for their money as the fear of economic collapse grows. Why the fear?

Obama and his two stooges in Congress.

Their liberal agenda has moved this country on a non-sustainable path of reckless spending and entitlements. They are printing money at a record pace to fund this extraordinary growth in government. Left unchecked they will bankrupt the country--and I am beginning to believe the Chicken Little’s who have been warning that this has been their goal all along. Bankrupt the country, then start anew with a fresh slate that would impose their vision of social order.

If the dollar collapses, the whole fiat currency system of the world will collapse in turn. Watch the price of gold carefully--the smart guys are on to the game.


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